Anniversary Raffle

Anniversary Raffle – Enter by December 15, 2021

To celebrate our first year, we are having a raffle of some great prizes. There are multiple ways to enter:

  1. Send us an email and let us know your favorite episode, a topic you would like to hear us talk about, or a question you want us to answer on our show
  2. Write us a review on iTunes it doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, just tell us your favorite episode and 5 stars
  3. Join our group of Patreons and get bonus content. You will receive a raffle ticket depending on which membership you join
    1. Neutron Tier = 1 ticket
    2. Uranium Tier = 5 tickets
    3. Plutonium Tier = 10 tickets

If you have left us a review or are a current patreon we thank you and will automatically enter you into the raffle!

Prizes shown below include:

A) Every Human Intention: Japan in the New Century by Dreux Richard as featured on Episode 14. How to restart a nuclear reactor in Japan after the Fuushima disaster with Dreux Richard book is used (hardcover).

B) Pen is mighter than the bomb pen & notepad

C) The firecracker boys by Dan O'Neil as featured on Episode 2. How do you celebrate Alaska Statehood? Nuke them a harbor with Dan O'Neill I bought this book used then read it so it's readable but not in the best shape (paperback).

D) Two coasters from the  The Ronald Reagan Minuteman Missile Site  they are made out of a flexible material. This site was featured on Episode 22.  Finger on the Button: Life as a Cold War Missileer with Col. (Ret.) Charles G. Simpson

Picture with prizes in it including two books, coasters, and a pen