Book Links

This page lists books written by guests of our show or mentioned by them on an episode. Some of these resources are from Patreon Bonus Episodes. Resources used for each individual episode can be found on the individual pages. If you use the links below, a portion of the sale may go to support My Nuclear Life

Listed by Episode Number:

Episode 2: 

The Firecracker Boys: H-Bombs, Inupiat Eskimos, and the Roots of the Environmental Movement by Dan O'Neill

Episode 3:

Art of Sanctions by Richard Nephew

Episode 5, 6, 7:

The Making of the Atomic Bomb by Richard Rhodes
The Los Alamos Primer: The First Lectures on How to Build an Atomic Bomb, Updated with a New Introduction by Richard Rhodes by Robert Serber

Rhodes Bonus (on Patreon): 

Energy: A Human History by Richard Rhodes