Episodes & Guests

1. Saving the world with nuclear energy, one microreactor at a time with Leslie Dewan

Leslie Dewan is a nuclear engineer and entrepreneur, with a focus on new nuclear power technology and carbon-free energy production.  Leslie received her Ph.D. in nuclear engineering from MIT, with a research focus on computational nuclear materials. 

2. How do you celebrate Alaska Statehood? Nuke them a harbor with Dan O'Neill

Dan O'Neill is the author of the books "The Firecracker Boys: H-Bombs, Inupiat Eskimos, and the Roots of the Environmental Movement", "The Last Giant of Beringia", and "A Land Gone Lonesome". 

3. Thwarting nuclear ambitions with sanctions: Iran, North Korea, and ... Sweden? with Richard Nephew

Richard Nephew: Former principal deputy coordinator for sanctions policy at the US State Department and lead sanctions expert for the US negotiating team with Iran on what became the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. Currently Senior Research Scholar at the Center on Global Energy Policy at Columbia University.

4. Sunshine in a bottle. The origins of using radiation as a modern cancer treatment with Aimee Slaughter

Aimee Slaughter earned her Ph.D. in the Department of Science, Technology and Medicine at the Univeristy of Minnesota. Her expertise is Radium Therapy in America from 1898 - 1939. Aimee is currently the Museum Educator at Los Alamos Historical Society.

5. How it all began: Europe, fission, and the Nazis with Richard Rhodes (Pt. 1)
6. How to turn the US into a factory: Beer in Hanford, Silver from Fort Knox, and PO Box 1663 with Richard Rhodes (Pt. 2)
7. The War Science Won? Building the bomb, ingenuity, and politics with Richard Rhodes (Pt. 3)

Richard Rhodes is the Pulitzer Prize winner author of the book, The Making of the Atomic Bomb and 26 other books covering a variety of scientific and historical topics.