Nuking the Moon and other Shenanigans with The Uncover Up

Nuking the Moon and other Shenanigans with The Uncover Up

n this episode, Shelly is joined by 2/3rds of The Uncover Up Conspiracy Podcast, Nathan Radke and Lee Kuhlne. They discuss the Pentagon UFO report, their joint Cold War obsession, what we can learn from conspiracy theory, and various nuclear conspiracy theories. Visit us at: Patreon: email us

In this episode, Shelly is joined by ⅔ of The Uncover Up Conspiracy Podcast, Nathan Radke and Lee Kuhlne. Nathan is a Cultural Theory professor specializing in conspiracy theory and Lee is a Politics Professor specializing in political ideologies, both at Humber College in Toronto. In this episode, they discuss a wide range of topics including nuclear weapons and the Cold War.

As the conversation begins, Nathan elaborates on the significance of UFO content right now especially. After years of denying their existence, the Pentagon must come out with a report in June, in the midst of one of the largest UFO flaps in history. Lee attests that there is so much to be learned about humanity when learning about UFOs, which keeps him coming back. Nathan tells the story of his blossoming interest in the Cold war which ultimately shaped his career path and led him to creating the conspiracy course which he and Lee both teach at Humber College.

Their goal of the class and of their podcast is to educate others on the tools that are available to help them dissect scenarios and discover the truth without actually experiencing them first hand. It’s important for students today to be perceived differently than when Nathan and Lee were students, given the age of information and technology they have been born into. 

Then, they confirm the legitimacy behind the rumor that JFK was given the option to either nuke the moon or send a man there in order to get back at the Soviets during the Cold War. Ultimately, you have to put yourself in the backdrop of the times and in the minds of those involved to really understand how such seemingly absurd things could have been a possibility. Because the U.S. had to find unorthodox ways to fight, one of their main methods was through disinformation, as was the case for Project Stargate. 

Finally, they discuss their predictions on information that is likely to be revealed in the coming years regarding the times we are currently living in. In the very near future, it will become more obvious the extraordinary extent to which we are being surveilled. However, Lee believes it’s likely the new revelation of information won’t have the same impact it did in the past, because citizens are already suspicious and cynical. 


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