Solving the solar neutrino problem with Nobel Laureate Art McDonald
My Nuclear LifeJanuary 31, 2023
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Solving the solar neutrino problem with Nobel Laureate Art McDonald

From his beginnings as a nuclear physicist to his Nobel Prize-winning work on neutrinos, Arthur McDonald sits down with Shelly Lesher in the studio. Visit us at: Patreon: email us
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"Uncovering the mysteries of neutrinos, we revealed the Standard Model of elementary particle physics needed revision and neutrinos have a finite mass."

"It turned out that the numbers of all types that reached our detector, only one-third of them were electron neutrinos. And that indicated that two-thirds of the electron neutrinos produced in the core of the sun had changed into the other types while passing through the sun and before reaching our detector. That was not predicted in the Standard model. And it also implies neutrinos have a finite mass."

Art McDonald is a Nobel Laureate in Physics, having shared the 2015 Nobel Prize with Takaaki Kajita for their discovery of neutrino oscillations.

Art McDonald's graduate work in nuclear physics led him to the discovery of neutrinos and the Standard Model. He witnessed the debate between the calculation of how the sun burns and the measurement of neutrinos that showed a factor of three different. This led him to build the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory, which he worked on for 20 years. He found that the neutrinos were changing types and had a finite mass, which was not predicted in the Standard Model. This discovery had a huge impact on how the Universe evolved and the properties of neutrinos. His work has opened up new possibilities in understanding our origins and how energy can be converted into matter and antimatter.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

1. How the discovery of neutrinos has implications for understanding the origin of the universe.

2. How the detection of neutrinos is incredibly difficult3. How the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory results revealed that neutrinos have a finite mass, a discovery that was not predicted in the Standard Model of elementary particles.

Production costs for this episode were provided through National Science Foundation Grant PHY-2011267.

Special thanks to Jeffrey Kerkman at UWL for recording this episode.

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