The Baby Tooth Study 2.0 with Marc Weisskopf
My Nuclear LifeSeptember 27, 2022
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The Baby Tooth Study 2.0 with Marc Weisskopf

Shelly LesherShelly LesherHost
Marc WeisskopfMarc WeisskopfGuest

The St. Louis Baby Tooth Study has been reimagined. Using the original teeth collected from the children of the 1950s and 1960s Marc Weisskopf and his colleagues at Harvard are seeking to find new answers from old teeth. Shout out to Taz & Mookie Weisskopf who make their presence known on the recording. Note: For background on the Baby Tooth Study listen to Episode 36 first. Artwork from Atomic Anxiety and the Tooth Fairy Send an email us to My Nuclear Life or visit our website Please leave a 5-star review on iTunes and subscribe to My Nuclear Life wherever you listen to podcasts.

Production costs for this episode were provided through National Science Foundation Grant PHY-2011267.